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Who Are We?

Our Story

Desert Rose Foundation, Inc. was formed as a result of a college survey conducted for a Sociology class in 1998, as 76% of those surveyed indicated they had been victims of domestic violence and there were no shelters for victims of abuse and their children in Morgan County. 

In 2001, Desert Rose Foundation received its letter of determination from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  On April 9, 2001, Desert Rose was incorporated in the State of Indiana as a nonprofit corporation.  The Articles of Incorporation were filed, By-Laws were written and a board of directors was established. 

The name Desert Rose is taken from Isaiah 35:1-4, which states; “The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for the; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.”  We are an organization of hope and restoration.

In 2003, Desert Rose received a $364,000 HOME Grant from Indiana Housing and Finance Authority (IHFA) to purchase and renovate a building to provide ten emergency and transitional units for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children.  We continue to provide a safe living environment and programs and services to assist victims and their children dealing with domestic abuse and sexual assault.  Our goal is to empower and assist survivors to become independent and self-sufficient while transitioning out of shelter into their own house or apartment.   

Our Mission

Desert Rose Foundation, Inc. is a faith-based organization providing safe shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking along with their dependent children.  We assist families to break the cycle of abuse through programs and services fostering victim advocacy, physical and mental health, and preventative education in Morgan County.  Desert Rose offers its services to all regardless of age, handicap, sex, race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Our Vision

As Morgan County’s only domestic violence shelter, Desert Rose Foundation seeks to expand programming and outreach efforts while collaborating with local partners to support victims as they transition to stability.  To achieve this, the agency proactively seeks to cultivate relationships with community partners and donors to grow and improve services while working to break the cycle of abuse in families.

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