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Are you curious about programs and services available through the Desert Rose Foundation? Are you involved with a community group that would like to learn more or become involved through volunteerism or donations? Good news – staff members from Desert Rose are available to assist you or your organization! We absolutely love meeting members of our local community and interacting with local individuals, groups, and organizations. Please reach out via phone, e-mail, or website contact form to learn about opportunities for community outreach and engagement. 

We are always looking for new community partners to work together in our mission to provide shelter and services for survivors of domestic violence. If you are involved with an organization and you think we might be able to collaborate, please reach out to discuss with us how we can partner to expand services locally. We are always available to come speak with individuals and agencies about services available through Desert Rose, and we look forward to connecting with you to grow our mission! 

Project Awareness 

One of our primary outreach efforts involves the distribution of safety resource cards in public spaces throughout Morgan County.  Typically, these cards will be available in restrooms, bulletin boards, and other venues where a victim might have some privacy away from an abusive partner.  However, this important outreach effort benefits from local volunteers who are willing to assist us in distributing resource cards. If you or anyone you know might be interested in helping us, we are always recruiting local partners to assist in our Project Awareness campaign. Give us a call if you would like to join our team to spread knowledge about available resources for victims in Morgan County! 

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