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Therapeutic Counseling

Desert Rose provides free therapeutic counseling to the Morgan County community to improve mental health for domestic violence victims.

We serve many non-residential clients – including both adults and minors – with this free service and work with clients experiencing active domestic violence as well as former victims who need assistance in processing trauma from a former abusive relationship.   

About Counseling

Counseling services are offered at no charge Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday locally in Martinsville from 10:00AM through 5:00PM.  There are also options for telehealth and virtual counseling.  If you are in need of counseling services, please contact Desert Rose at (765)342-7673 to speak with an advocate about your situation.  Appointments are limited, so at times there might be a waitlist for counseling services. 

Therapeutic counseling services are made possible through a generous grant from Morgan County’s Kendrick Foundation, and Desert Rose is proud to partner with the Kendrick Foundation to provide this service. 

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